Parent Testimonial

The parent received a reprimand from the school counsellor. My heart is literally broken from the whole gender thing, but now I just have to go with it or I am a bad parent. I was told I was violating my child’s human rights and being emotionally abusive to my child for not using the proper [chosen] pronouns. You have no say in anything anymore when it comes to parenting. Trust me. Everyone knew except me, the parent. We should be advised on what the school is doing with our children.

I know someone who works as a youth worker that challenged this [gender ideology] and told them [school] that the content they are presenting is not factual. They shouldn’t be driving it down the kids’ throats as sometimes kids have things going on at home that aren’t so good and then they [kids] think that [transgendering] is their escape from the real world. They are probably feeling the way they do because they [think] they are not in their right body instead of looking at the big picture of what is really going on with themselves. It’s so sad really that kids are being influenced.