Parent Testimonial

I am a parent of an autistic child. He was attending school, and in the winter of 2020, a note was sent home advising me of a health class my son was going to be taking. It was not a permission slip. I thought nothing of this since health class is a common thing for kids in grade 4. However one evening my son was extremely agitated and this is not normal for him. When I finally was able to calm him, he was able to tell me what happened. At school that day they had a non-binary person in to talk to the class about their journey. This person told my child he was not born male, that he could choose his own gender, and that he could change his name if he didn’t like the name he was given at birth. Now mind you my child was not old enough to understand this.

This completely undermines all the teaching he received from his Christian parents. It was heartbreaking to see him try to wrap his brain around this. It was, in my opinion, completely wrong. No one has the right to decide what our children are taught with regard to their biology. That comes from the parents and God. If a person with a psychological disorder, specifically gender dysphoria, wants to change their gender that is their responsibility and that is ok for them. But for it to be allowed to be pushed on unsuspecting children, that’s criminal, and should be prosecuted for child sexual abuse. No school has the right to push this on children and certainly not without parental consent.