Detransitioner Testimonials: Forrest & Chloe

July 27, 2023

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The following testimonials come from individuals who were led down the path toward gender transition and have come to regret it. Since this topic has been introduced in our Prince Edward Island schools as early as Kindergarten, it is important to consider the impact it may have on our children.

Detransitioner Testimonials: Forrest & Chloe

The previously unknown risks associated with gender ideology are now increasingly being exposed by detransitioners dealing with irreversible damage caused by puberty blockers, surgeries, and medication. Many of them transitioned as minors and deeply regret their decisions. Below are testimonials and articles revealing some of these dangers:

Forrest Smith

A true story of transition regret: Forrest Smith was a young boy exposed to graphic materials online. Combined with a sensitive and intelligent temperament, he fell into an ideological LGBTQ+ peer group that encouraged him to declare himself transgender. He visited a gender clinic that affirmed him in a single visit and pushed him down a medical pathway of surgical interventions, which he started to doubt before they were even completed. He was told that feelings of doubt and regret are a natural part of the gender dysphoric experience.

Chloe Cole

Detransitioner Chloe Cole testified before a House subcommittee July 27, 2023, recounting the deep and lasting consequences her transition at 13-years-old has had on her life.